Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jan 2014

1 Jan 2014
Bookings for residency units at Champion Care Homes Pvt.. Ltd., opened on 1 Jan 2014. Contact Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique whose contact details are appended at the end of this blog. Alternatively, you would like to see a a power point about Champion Care Homes.

Photos of Construction work of Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd., taken in Jan 2014. Click on the photos to see an enlarged version.
6 Jan 2014
Southern face of CCH building as seen from its South-west corner

7 Jan 2014
Bore-well after completion of drilling to a depth of 295 feet. Water struck at 45 and 85 feet.

The Pump and motor of  the bore-well before installation

Functioning bore first time!

Southern face of CCH building as seen from the South
9 Jan 2014
Building the parapet wall on the Terrace

18 Jan 2014
Visitors from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka at the CCH site

30 Jan 2014
Plastering work completed on second or top floor

Eastern face of CCH building as seen from its North-east corner

Fast-drying up rain-water pool

Contact details:
V/529 MD's Quarters, Edalakad,
Thabore P.O.,
Pin 683577, Ernakulam District,
Kerala State, India.
Mobile number is +918281345391
Land line is +91 484 2451450
skype: emrafi

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